About Our Classes

cooking classNo matter what dishes you make, in every class you will learn to create unforgettable meals for your friends and family. Each class is hands-on, and all students will learn to make all the dishes on the menu. Classes include

  • copies of recipes to take home
  • cultural and/or historical background
  • relevant photos and/or videos of Peru
  • nutritional benefits of ingredients
  • knife skills
  • where to buy special ingredients
  • and more!

Sitting down together to enjoy a delicious meal that you have prepared with your own hands is just the beginning of a delicious adventure!

Class Themes

We offer a variety of class themes and menus. Most themes have more than one menu (A, B, etc.) so you may choose your favorite when you register for a class.

Yummy & Easy for Busy People

Quick and easy meals that are also healthy and flavorful. For those of us who want delicious and nourishing food but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Yummy & Easy Menu A

Main dish: Soup in a minute

Dessert: Caramelized bananas

Yummy & Easy Menu B

Main dish: Chicken fillets

Dessert: Grilled pineapple

Yummy & Easy Menu C

Main dish: Fish á papillot

Dessert: Strawberry mousse

Yummy & Easy Menu D

stuffed avocadosMain dish: Stuffed Avocados (with veggies & shrimp)

Dessert: Passion fruit mousse

Yummy & Easy Menu E

Main dish: Portobello mushroom kabobs

Dessert: Mango mousse

Delicious Menu for Vegetarians

Many Peruvian dishes are traditionally vegetarian, while others can be easily adapted.  Let us give you a tour of Peru’s vegetarian offerings.

Vegetarian Menu A

Main dish: Butternut & sweet potato cream soup

Dessert: Mango mousse

Vegetarian Menu B

Main dish: Mushroom ceviche

Dessert: Passion fruit mousse

Couples’ Dinner Date

A fun activity and delicious meal to share on your night out with your sweetheart.

Couples’ Menu A

Appetizer: Potatoes in huancaina sauce

Main dish: Fish kabobs

Dessert: Passion fruit mousse

Couples’ Menu B

Appetizer: Stuffed avocados with veggies and shrimp

Main dish: Peruvian lo mein

Dessert: Passion fruit mousse

Fun Cooking for Families

Recipes that can be prepared by young chefs and will become their favorite meals!

Appetizer: Butifarras (Peruvian sandwich)

Main course: Cuban style rice

Dessert: Strawberry mousse

Friends’ Night Out

Do you have friends who love latin flavors?  Whether they are accomplished in the kitchen or they can’t boil water, this class offers something for everybody, including an opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal together.

Appetizer: Potatoes in huancaina sauce

Main dish: Chicken kabobs

Dessert: Passion fruit mousse

Girls’ Night Out

Hey, ladies!  This class features tasty appetizers that pair nicely with cocktails and a tasty dessert to finish things off. Come enjoy an evening with the girls and take home some ideas for the next time you entertain.

Appetizers: Butifarras (Peruvian sandwich), Scallops baked with wine & Parmesan cheese, Tiradito (ceviche-like fish)

Dessert: Mango mousse