Peruvian Cuisine

stuffed avocadosThe number of international influences over the decades has transformed Peruvian cuisine into one of the most exquisite culinary fusions in the world. The Spanish and Italian immigrants combined their European cooking with the Inca ingredients. The effects of West African input are similar to the New Orleans culinary phenomenon. The Chinese and Japanese, too, contributed much to Peruvian cuisine after crossing the Pacific, and immigrant groups to the Americas used Peruvian ingredients to create one of the most scrumptious cuisines in the world.

And now, Peruvian food is within your reach here in Denver! Taste of Peru Cooking School brings all these flavors to your table.

Our Cooking School

cooking classTaste of Peru Cooking School is located at 8031 Marshall Circle, Arvada, CO 80003 and was founded by native Peruvian Chef Maya León-Meis and her son, Chef Chris Meis, who grew up immersed in Peruvian culture and food. Both have trained in the U.S. and in Peru.

They share their culinary heritage and their family’s cooking secrets so that you too can learn the joy of Peruvian cooking – a truly unique culinary adventure that you and your family will enjoy and treasure.

The program offered is full of dishes that are healthy, delicious, and culturally rich. Enjoy the variety of potatoes and prepare them as the Incas did. Discover how Peruvian fishermen prepare their catch. You can even learn to cook quinoa the Peruvian way!

Now you will have the chance to learn, taste, and enjoy authentic foods from the land of the Incas. At Taste of Peru Cooking School you will learn to prepare exotic Peruvian dishes with ingredients that are easily found in this area. Delight yourself with Peruvian dishes that your tastebuds won’t forget!